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“What’s Wrong With Interviews?”

Today I received my daily email from ERE.net–the electronic recruiter’s thought-provoking newsletter. Several times a week this one piece of email makes me take a minute to sit back and think about trends and truths in job seeking.

Just such an opportunity came up today and I jumped at it–for you–the job seeker.

Today’s post contained an article from regular contributor Dr. John Sullivan, Professor of Management at San Francisco State University and author of over 900 articles on HR and 8 books!

If you are like  many job seekers I speak with who have a ‘hard heart’ towards HR this is important information. It may just open some job seeker eyes. That is my goal anyway.

Dr. Sullivan’s article is written for HR professionals and the point is that THEY could be doing a better job interviewing. (To be honest, HR is usually pretty good at interviewing. It’s the OTHER departments that usually don’t understand how to play the game.) Anyway I thought this article important enough for job seekers to read that I took a moment to formally request permission from Dr. Sullivan to make it available to you.

This read will provide you with a 180° view of the interviewing process. In other words–this is your chance to look at the interviewing process from the other side of the desk and understand that the profession is working hard to get even better at what they do.

For your review please click on the this title: What’s Wrong With Interviews? The Top 50 Most Common Interview Problems by Dr. John Sullivan.

Good (Job) Hunting!

Rick Gillis

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